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Is GoPad Secure only an attendance App?

GoPad is an attendance app but also provides key security features including caregiver management and communication tools such as text and email to parents and emergency features that can be customized for each user needs.

What are the key security features?

Lockdown and evacuation alerts are a key feature of the GoPad Secure App. Administrators can initiate lockdown or evacuation alerts which trigger an alarm on every Ipad and instructions to staff which are customized for their location.

Is GoPad only for Apple iPad?

GoPad was built for Apple iPads however Administrators can access their system via any web browser on any device.

Does GoPad Secure replace my robocall system?

Mass text and e-mail alert is provided by GoPad Secure to all clients. This allows for Administrators to send mass alerts to parents in the case of emergency or just for need to know items such as weather or construction events that may affect program or schedules. Group alerts by text are also available for notices to staff.

Does GoPad provide attendance reports?

GoPad collects all attendance data on its cloud servers. Data filters allow the administrator to run custom reports or download data to spreadsheets. Reports can be run down to individual student level. Reports also are available for staff attendance.

Is GoPad compliant with government standards?

GoPad was designed originally to comply with New York City Department of Health standards (Article 47). These standards include identifying all caregiver information and storing this information on site. The standards also include the ability to report and record absent children daily. GoPad Secure addresses these key compliance goals and continues to address compliance goals with local and state authorities.

Why is text messaging to parents so important?

The world has changed. We all have a constant flow of important and not so important (junk) email. When it comes to our children, we need to get the message fast. Text messaging is seen and opened about 10 times faster than email and is more likely to be seen. Read More

Does GoPad require internet connection?

GoPad syncs with the cloud server when connection is available but it is not required to function. Once the app has refreshed each morning, it no longer needs to be connected to log data. This allows users to take the Ipad on a field trip or outdoors and still have access to key information including children’s medical precautions and contact details for parents and caregivers. If a child is dismissed from an outside location, the record will be synced whenever the ipad regains internet connection back in its home location.

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