The GoPad database stores all information in a logbook that is stored in the cloud for remote access at anytime.  Reports can be customized based on the user’s report needs.  All reports are downloadable to a spreadsheet data format.

  • Pick “Log” from the main menu of the web Admin portal
  • Choose date range from the calendar (top right)
  • Select filters based on your preference
  • Export date to spreadsheet by choosing the [↥] button in top right corner
  • Watch how:

GoPad Administrator Training Video

Update Settings

  • Ensure settings are accurate based on your needs
  • Learn more HERE

Installing the App on the Ipad

  • Downloaded from the Apple App Store
  • Authenticate the GoPad using any Admin email and password
  • Once the Ipad is authenticated, you can login using a teacher, specialist or front desk login which will all have different features.  The user must be set up by the Admin prior to logging in

Troubleshooting Installation:

  • Ensure you have an updated version of the App
  • Ensure you have set the App settings to “Background Refresh” and turn on “Alerts”
  • If the first two steps do not resolve your problem, remove and re-install the App from scratch (hold down GoPad App Icon and then “x”), you will need to download and re-authenticate the device

Adding a New User or Editing existing Staff

  • Choose “Staff” from the Main Menu
  • Choose staff to edit or Go to the top right side of the screen and “Add Staff”
  • Input all the Staff information and add a photo (blue cloud icon) if available.  Emergency contact information is required in this step.
  • If the Staff member is a Teacher, ensure the classroom is chosen.
  • Save the information (“Add” blue button at bottom of screen)
  •  The “Add Staff” feature will create credentials and automatically create a password.  Contact us for password troubleshooting.

Adding a New Student

  • Choose “Students” from the Main Menu
  • Click “Add New Student” from top right of screen
  • Input required information for student AND at least one parent with parent unique email and at least one emergency contact (can be same as parent)
  • Scroll to bottom and save parent information
  • Invite parent to update the child’s profile (optional)

Removing or deactivating a child or user

  • Find the child or user in the list
  • On the far right of their name, click (-)
  • Confirm you wish to deactivate that name
  • The person will remain in the system for historic records and can be reactivated at a later date if needed

Reactivating a child or user

  • Go to the list of students or staff
  • Near the top right click on the blue box with the person icon1
  • Toggle the button on the right side of the person you need to reactivate
  • Update the user profile as required

Sending Group Notifications via “Notify”

  • Choose “Notify” from Admin Dashboard at top right corner
  • Select group you are sending to
  • Add short text with a link to learn more if needed (text limited to 160 characters to accommodate mobile text)
  • Click send
  • Parents will receive a text and/or email based on their preference in their profile
  • Watch the how to video here

Inviting Parent To Update Child’s Information via Parent Portal

  • Chose child from student list
  • Click on parent you wish to Invite to update parent portal
  • Go to bottom of parent profile and click “Invite”
  • Parent will receive and email and link to login
  • Administrator and teacher will immediately see update made by parent

Parent consent and permissions

  • There are two basic consent “forms” enabled by check box and typed signature.
  • The parent views this via the parent portal


Additional videos

View the Teacher GoPad Manual

Watch the full training  video