Each caregiver needs the following details (required):

  1. Name
  2. Mobile Phone Number
  3. Email*

*If a nanny does not have an email, please use the mobile phone email (free)

If you don’t know the mobile phone carrier, first check it HERE

Then use the number and carrier suffix as follows:

  • Alltel: phonenumber@message.alltel.com
  • AT&T: phonenumber@txt.att.net
  • T-Mobile: phonenumber@tmomail.net
  • Virgin Mobile: phonenumber@vmobl.com
  • Sprint: phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  • Verizon: phonenumber@vtext.com

If all else fails, enter their mobile number followed by “@gopad.io” i.e. 2125551212@gopad.io (this will ensure the email is unique for the individual)

All of your saved changes will be reflected in the teacher’s GoPad the following day.