Sending Group Notifications via “Notify”

  • Choose “Notify” from Admin Dashboard at top right corner
  • Select group you are sending to
  • Add short text with a link to learn more if needed (text limited to 160 characters to accommodate mobile text)
  • Click send
  • Parents will receive a text and/or email based on their preference in their profile
  • Watch the how to video here

Saving Alert Messages And Alert History

  • All texts will be saved in the alert history
  • Text alert templates can be saved for future use by clicking on a past text alert and modifying the content

Inviting Parent via email to Update Child’s Information via Parent Portal

  • Chose child from student list
  • Click on parent you wish to Invite to update parent portal
  • Go to bottom of parent profile and click “Invite”
  • Parent will receive and email and link to login (learn more about what parents will see)
  • Administrator and teacher will immediately see update made by parent