If you are starting for the first time, here are your steps to get going on your own.

The Admin login is only used for the web login. The Faculty and Frontdesk login are for the Ipad App, which you can download for free on itunes.  We recommend an Ipad Pro but the mini will work.

Each Ipad will have to be authenticated first using the Admin login. After authenticated you can login as faculty and see the classroom.

Step 1 – Login to Web portal using your Admin credentials here https://www.gopadsecure.com/app

Step 2 – Choose “Settings” from menu bar and update based on your needs

Step 3 – Download the App to you Ipad (Search for GoPad Secure for Schools). Once downloaded, authenticate using the Admin Credentials.

Step 4– Login to the Ipad App using a Faculty Credential OR Staff Credential (For Front Desk Staff and Visitor Attendance). The faculty will only see their own classroom.

To review instructions and training videos, please visit the Administrators page.